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No Friends but the Mountains



Carrboro, North Carolina


July 10 thru August 5, 2024


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“We have no friends but the mountains.” This famous Kurdish proverb has always been symbolic of the abandonment of Kurds by other communities in the midst of their oppression.

I spent weeks exploring the remote stepped villages nestled in deep valleys in the province of Kurdistan, as well as the rugged, untamed mountains surrounding this region which saddles the border between Iran & Iraq. The Kurds have a rich yet increasingly endangered folkloric tradition. Much like my extended treks in other areas, I felt certain that these traverses would yield unique photographs, however that is where the similarity ended. Kurdistan is a universe unto itself, endemic, somewhat isolated except for a couple of smaller cities in the province, & home to fiercely independent people. I hope to share a glimpse into their world in this collection of images.

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Artist Reception
  Friday, July 12, 2024  
6-8:30 pm

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